Charity Accounts

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Audit Partner

Due to an ever changing regulatory environment, the preparation of charity accounts that meet the requirements of the Charities Act 2011, the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and the Companies Act 2006, where applicable, has always been a little confusing. Add to that the recent changes in the SORP and the fact that there are now two from which Trustees must choose in order to prepare their accounts and everything gets a whole lot more difficult!

At Ellis Lloyd Jones LLP, we aim to take the difficulty out of the preparation of your charity accounts and to make sure the Trustees are happy with the disclosures involved and how they are presented. We have over 15 years’ experience in both preparing and auditing Charity financial statements and advising Trustees in their duties. We can help with understanding and dealing with the regulatory burdens that the charity faces. We can help the Trustees to understand the changes and requirements of the new Charities Act and how they affect the charity.

Whether the charity requires an audit or not, we can also look at the systems and controls and report to the Trustees on how these can be improved to make the administration more efficient and advise on the best use of the charity’s resources. Kara, Hannah and Rich are all involved in not for profit organisations so they also have experience of what’s involved in running these vital and challenging organisations.

There is guidance on whether your charity requires an audit or not and what type of accounts format you should follow on GOV.UK. There is also substantial help and guidance on the Charity Commission website.

If you think your charity may need to have an audit you can use the information above as a guide or call Kara Williams or Hannah Gittings.